Ocean Liner Services

Recent Projects

Ocean Liner Services attends to hundreds of vessels that call on the port of Walvis Bay. Every so often OLS is fortunate to be the nominated port agency for some spectacular and interesting vessels. These are some of those vessels and husbandry service requirements that OLS carried out successfully.
Dec 2018 Deepsea Stavanger

Deepsea Stavanger
The OLS team attended to various ships agency tasks for a number of vessels including Deepsea Stavanger ( DSS Drill Unit), BB Troll (PSV), Normand Ranger (PSV) and the Anuket Corral (Bunker Tanker). Services included Ships Agency, Crew changes, Visas, Customs Clearance, Cargo Operations, Provisions and Bunkers.
Oct 2017 African Sprinter Bunkering

African Sprinter Bunkering
OLS attended to the African Sprinter, who over the weekend, supplied offshore bunkering to the M/v “Hawk”, a semi-submersible vessel transporting the Rig ASKEPOTT. Ols also arranged spares/ technical provisions for the vessel.
Sep 2017 OLS represents SAFWAF

OLS represents SAFWAF
OLS is now the Namibian representative for the SAFWAF multipurpose service. This service is an independent multi-purpose shipping liner from South Africa to West Africa, calling on Cape Town, Durban, Walvis Bay, Matadi, Boma, Pointe Noire and Luanda/Sonils. It accommodates bagged, unitised cargo and other cargo e.g. vehicles, machinery, transformers, oil and gas parts, bulk, rail and steel and containers.
Aug 2017 Blue Marlin heavy lift ship

Blue Marlin heavy lift ship
OLS attended to Dockwise's semi-submersible heavy lift ship, the Blue Marlin (carrying Statoil's Askeladden jack-up rig) at anchorage in the Walvis Bay bay. The OLS team provided ships’ agency, bunkers, provisions, crew changes and clearing and forwarding of spares.
Jun 2017 Burbon Herald

Burbon Herald
Ocean Liner Services brought the supply vessel Bourbon Herald alongside in the Walvis Bay port to allow Schlumberger can begin with the necessary repairs to the vessel and equipment removals.
Jun 2017 SS Nujoma

SS Nujoma
Ocean Liner Services is proud to be providing ships' agency services to the most technologically advanced marine diamond exploration vessel in the world, SS Nujoma. This deepwater diesel-electric powered vessel carries up to 80 crew members, is 113m long and 22m wide. Built to the tune of US$140 million in Norway by the Kleven Verft shipbuilding group. It also sports a helicopter deck suitable for Sikorsky S61 to land.
Mar 2017 Brazilian Navy P121 Corvette

Brazilian Navy P121 Corvette
OLS attended to the Brazilian Navy's Amazonas Corvette, the P121. Apart from the usual port agency services, we assisted with repairs on the FRC crane, bunkering and provisions. OLS also assisted with the day to day crew needs as well as immigration formalities and permits.
Nov 2016 Frio Shinano

Frio Shinano
Attending to reefer vessels is one of OLS's specialties. The Frio Shinano is one various reefer vessels that call on Walvis Bay, mainly for fish transshipments.
Nov 2016 BBC Emsland

BBC Emsland
This general cargo vessel is a regular caller on the port of Walvis Bay. Ols handled the vessel's owner's matters, the cargo discharge and provisions.
Oct 2016 Swift Ace

Swift Ace
The Swift Ace is a roll-on-roll-on vehicle carrier of the MOL shipping line. Most of the imported vehicles are destined for the Zambian markets. OLS attends a number of these Roro's during the year.
Oct 2016 Tatoosh

OLS attend to the 92m luxury mega-yacht, Tatoosh, owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft. Apart from port agency and owner's matters, OLS provide bunkering and provisions to the yacht.
Oct 2015 Passenger and Cruise Ships

Passenger and Cruise Ships
Various passenger liners call on Walvis Bay, including the MSC Sinfonia and QEII to mention a few. OLS attends to most of these luxury floating hotels, including the liner above, the Costa Neo Riviera, that visited Walvis Bay for the first time earlier this year.
Oct 2015 Rowan Renaissance

Rowan Renaissance
OLS attended to the brand new drill-ship, Rowan Renaissance, which is being used for oil exploration drilling on behalf of Repsol off the coast of Namibia.
Oct 2014 Rowan Resolute

Rowan Resolute
OLS provide extensive ships agency service to the Rowan Resolute drill ship, including crew changes and supplies.
Oct 2014 Maersk Attender

Maersk Attender
OLS provide extensive ships agency service to the Maersk Attender, including crew changes and supplies.
Oct 2014 Polarcus survey

Polarcus survey
OLS attended to three Polarcus vessels (the Amani, Bravo Sapphire and Timor) doing a survey offshore of Luderitz. Services included port agency, transfers, accommodation and visas. All at a very tight schedule, but well executed.
May 2014 Tidewater

The Tidewater supply vessel, Fanning Tide, is used to service Rowan Renaissance drill ship. OLS also acted as agents for this and similar other supply vessels.
Nov 2013 Basil Read

Basil Read
Ocean Liner Services are agents for the vessel which is making history on the British colony island, St Helena. The vessel calls about once every month to load supplies and equipment for the envisaged airport project being constructed on the island.
Apr 2013 Naval Vessel

Naval Vessel
OLS provided husbandry services to a Brazilian naval vessel. This vessel is but one of the many naval vessels that often call on the port of Walvis Bay for supplies and provisions.
Apr 2013 Sedov Tallship

Sedov Tallship
The Russian Sailing Cadet Training vessel, "Sedov" called on Walvis Bay and attracted much interest from residents. The Sedov is the world's oldest and largest tall ship. Ocean Liner Services was on hand to provide ships agency services.
Mar 2013 Transocean Marianas

Transocean Marianas
The Transocean Marianas was moored in port for various preparatory and maintenance work before her exploration drilling tasks north west of Walvis Bay and south of Luderitz. OLS provided the full scope of ships agency services.
Aug 2012 Octopus Mega yacht

Octopus Mega yacht
OLS attended to the 126m mega-yacht, the Octopus, owned by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft.